In Her Lane is making meaning of life experiences and viewing them as soulful lessons and learning tools. My goal is to remind you that life as a process of learning, unlearning and re-learning again there is a lesson in everything we go through.

In my work and life, I value self-reflection and other learning strategies that help us to unpack: how we learn, where we learn and the soul-filling lessons happening everyday in our lives + school experiences.

I created this platform to document my journey through life and grad school and to share strategies and tools I use or have developed to ensuring I am living and learning.

















my way of living & learning

self exploration

who am i?

self reflection

how do i learn?

self fulfillment

am i living in my purpose?

I am Briana Green.

A 2nd year PhD student studying educational psychology (the study of teaching and learning) and educational technology. My research interests focus Black educators' and students' identity, meaning systems and motives.

To me this makes sense, I am always pondering questions like:  

How do we learn? What conditions or experiences impact our learning most? What helps us to learn? What limits our learning? What is learning and for who?

This also makes sense as to why I created a platform like In Her Lane, to document and share what I am learning in life and in grad school and how these experiences are tools for reflection and making my next best move.


Recently started a Youtube to share more about what I am learning in life and in grad school and what it means to be in my lane. More importantly, I want to promote learning as a life long process and as the secret to being in your lane.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and now Youtube  or send me an email at briana@inherlane.com.