about in her lane

years ago, I realized the key to being in your lane is..

learning to apply "the notes" you gather each day. 

"the notes" being soulfully reflections of how our lived experiences are a foundational tools for learning.

and learning being a mindset and actively practicing what you're understanding. 

this blog is an expression of what I am processing, understanding, reflecting on and applying in my daily journey. "the notes" are a collection of writings related to being and becoming a curriculum coach, grad student, an adult, a woman of God.  

about her

Briana Green is a daughter, friend sister and student of life. She has a deep passion for learning and living in a praxis of learning. As a 3rd year PhD student studying educational psychology and educational technology, her research focuses on culturally sustaining pedagogies of Black educators and belonging for Black kids. 

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and now Youtube  or send me an email at