About In Her Lane

Hey yall!

​I am Briana, a graduate student pursing a PhD in educational psychology and educational technology and as bell hooks would say, a healer. Someone constantly seeking intellectual and spiritual knowledge and growth. 


By day I am an undergrad instructor and researcher studying Black students' belonging and motivation at the intersection of culture and technology. At all times, I enjoy learning + journaling as an act of exploration, safety and expression. In my work and life, I value self-reflection and other learning strategies that help us to unpack: how we learn, where we learn and the soul-filling lessons in our life + school experiences.

In Her Lane is about encouraging self-exploration and self-mastery to help you view life experiences as never-ending lessons + learning tools. It stands to remind us that life as a process of unlearning and learning again and no one is the in lane uniquely created for you.


​I'd love to share strategies and tools I use to be and stay in my lane. 

Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and now Youtube or send me an email at briana@inherlane.com.

"I'm going to dive in and do it. No risk, no reward." 
-Rose Byrne

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