• Briana Green

Always on Time

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up to a blessing in my inbox.

I wasn't expecting it. 

But it was right on time.

In my inbox was an email congratulating me on an award I was receiving. This $2500 fellowship award I was receiving for participating in a diversity recruitment program back in January. It was lit.

Even though I knew I deserved this token of appreciation and even though I knew I had been praying about my finances, it seemed too perfect. Too good to be true. 

But for a split second, I had the audacity to question this blessing.  

As of late, I am a firm believer of two things:

1) that Spirit is always conspiring to help me manifest all my dreams and goals and

2) when I surrender trying to control the things around me, everything will happen in perfect time and order.

In the last month alone, I have:

  • Let go of a relationship -- which was hard but necessary to learn a valuable lessons in experiencing people versus trying to possess them.

  • Declared two distinct lines of research I would like to pursue over the next couple of years. A gurgling, two year process that has often made me feel like an imposter when it comes to doing work that I am passionate about. 

  • Experienced close friendships rekindle and dwindle. Which is reflective of my evolution and growth. My Double often says, “friends are mirrors of ourselves”.

  • Joined Bible study groups hosted by Black women! This is so filling because I have been longing for a spiritual community since moving to Michigan.

  • Released a creative project (IG: @thewriteplayist) with one of my best friends. This on-going project has been on our hearts for a long time and we were finally ready to share our thoughts and poems on a digital platform. 

  • Hit a curb. Yep, lost control of my car on the first snowy day here in Michigan and messed up my tire and axle. And even in the midst of that, I saw a reminder to slow down and move at the speed of everything around me.

This last month has felt like lesson after lesson on letting time run its course.

One of my favorite pastors, Mike Todd, often talks about the fruit being the last thing we see on a tree. At face value, a lot of random, unrelated things have been shifting and taking root.

But in reality, I have been planting seeds that I will help me reach my goals and the future I imagine, for awhile now. Seeds were planted when I attended small socials even when I didn't want to.  Seeds were planted when I set goals and created a budget where I could point out unnecessary spending. Seeds were planted when I took the time to reflect and write. Seeds were planted when I decided to break away from anxiety and bad habits.

As I walk into the last weeks of my first semester as a PhD student, I am grateful for everything that IS happening right on time. Even though there have been times I didn't want to go to campus and teach, or questioned if I made the right decision coming to MSU -- all answers are being revealed. In almost every aspect of my life -- school, relationships, family, finances, etc. -- I feel that everything is happening timely and orderly, as a result of work and faith.

As many of you also walk, crawl or stride into your last couple weeks of the semester, it might be a good time to ask, ? Who is being sent in or out of your life right now? What opportunities or resources are popping up? What hard conversations (with yourself and others) is it time to have?

I hope this post keeps you inspired as we wrap up the semester.

Don't be so focused on your plan that you overlook God's plan.

Until next time,


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