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God Is In the Details - February Reflection

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

More than halfway through March and I'm still thinking about my mantra for February: God is in the details.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that at the end of February I shared a routine that I do. That is, at the end of the month or every few weeks, I think back over themes, victories, conversations that occurred in that timeframe and entitle it, almost like a book chapter.

At the end of February all I could think was, God is in the details.

He ushered me into a new cycle around the moon. Ya girl is now 27!

He revealed to me that my desires were safe with my partner.

Namely, I told him there were 3 things I wanted for my birthday: 1) to leave town for my birthday, 2) to dress up and do something new and 3) to be back in town by Monday morning. Without question, he planned a surprise trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where we stayed in a cabin overlooking the city. We enjoyed a 4-stop vine tour, ate local cuisine, and captured intimate moments on my new Polaroid.

He helped me flesh out my practicum proposal. My research practicum proposal has been a milestone that has had me hemmed up for months. Although words were filling the page, I didn't feel connected to them. By the end of the month, my thoughts were flowing and the research design was making sense. (It's now been passed on to my advisors.)

He let me rest. I needed rest. I had so many goals coming into the new year but also a good amount of responsibility at the same time. In February, I was able to brain dump my concerns and visions about grad school and my passion projects, then let them be. He let me rest to enjoy my birthday and bask in the love and excitement of the month.

He gave me a refresh start. Sometimes we feel discouraged by pivoting. Sometimes it feels like a failure to start again. But that's the furthest from the truth. February allowed me to dump and strategize and ready to start the second quarter of the year with a fresh perspective and new energy.

Maybe I am still thinking about February because the details God revealed me, has set me up to walk into the spring like its my new year. Those short 28 days, helped me to implement a plan and confidently towards my goals this month.

On my Instagram I also shared some journal prompts that may be useful to you when you recap March and future months. I'm sharing those below.

  • What blessings did this month bring you?

  • What were themes of your conversations this month?

  • What purchases did you make this month? What did you purge this month? Why?

I encourage you to think of every month like a chapter and at its closing, reflect on the details God has written into your life story.

I'm looking forward to sharing my mantra for March with you sooner than later.

In Her Lane,


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