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Her Education Reimagined

In education, critical reflection is a pedagogical and instructional tool used to frame and scaffold learning  in order to make sense of an experience. As we all know, reflection extends beyond the classroom. It’s a continuous process that helps us as adults find some calibration, peace and direction.

The tagline, Her Education Reimagined, came from my own moments of critical reflection. I knew I wanted to create a platform where I can delve into the intersections of race and education, but from a personal, authentic vantage point. Over time it became clear that I was limiting myself on how to approach the topic of education and attempt to support other Black women, other graduate students, and other educators. For the longest, I was missing opportunities to redefine education.

Education being the fullness of universal enlightenment and reimagine my own experiences as an education needing to be shared. 

Her education reimagined is about:

Recognizing education beyond academics, in order to embrace life as the universal teacher. 

It's about remembering my ancestors, my parents, teachers and role models and how their lessons and ways show up in my day to day. 

It’s about revisiting my past experiences to sort through origins of purpose, trauma, habits, hobbies, belief and value systems. 

It’s about relearning how to do the very things that brought me to where I am today. The small things like cooking or taking notes. About finding balance as life brings more responsibility.

It’s about reframing the negatives as positives and seeing our stories as places for connection to others, to go deeper into our selves or into solving societal issues. 

In the last couple months, I’ve been searching for my why. The motivating factor(s) for why I research Black students, their identity, their motivation, how they relate to their instruction

and why I enjoy talking endlessly with people about their goals and entrepreneurship. 

And it is because I have hopes we all will have the teachers/mentors, resources, access, exposure, curriculum that helps us cultivate our gifts and aspirations. 

bell hooks once wrote,

"To be truly visionary we have to root our imagination in our concrete reality while simultaneously imagining possibilities beyond that reality"

Reimagining her education about using reflections as a roadmap to take more informed steps towards the life I envision for myself and those around me. My highest intentions are that in my process of reflecting and applying what I am learning, others are able to find liberation and guidance in my story.

I hope this post provides some insight into my journey and what to expect from In Her Lane.

Please leave any comments or feedback below! You can also follow me on Instagram & Twitter at @_inherlane to stay up to date with my journey.

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