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I'm Ready to Play - March Reflection

In high school, there were three main reasons I was taken out a basketball game.

1) I needed a break to rest.

2) There was something happening on the court that I could see better from the bench.

3) A play or a certain strategy was best executed without me.

March reminded me of that brief moment of recharging, reading the room, recalibrating before looking over to the coaches and saying "I'm ready to go play!"

Here are a few questions I reflected on as I wrapped up this month:

What did I take a break from this month? Why did I need a breather?

I took a break from spontaneity lol. Doing spontaneous things throughout the workday or on the week kills my momentum and productivity.

I didn't travel home on the weekends.

I didn't leave home for random trips to the store or spend time throughout the day figuring out what to eat.

Instead, I meal prepped every week this month and honestly it's been one of the best lifestyle shifts. 1) I ate more throughout the day 2) I could keep track of what I was eating, 3) its amazing for my budget and 4) it cuts down on time spent preparing, cooking, figuring out the next meal.

What did I practice this month?

I practiced consistent posting on IG this month. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of social media. At the same time, I believe social media is a powerful tool for marketing and social change. Regardless of my personal feelings, in March I wanted to practice being more consistent about sharing who I am and what inspires me, and so I did.

One way was by "batching content" or spending about two hours on a given day brainstorming and prepping content for the week. I set a goal of posting three times a week and held myself accountable to that.

Another way was by creating space to celebrate Black Women Educators as a Women's Herstory Month tribute. For 8 days (March 22nd-31st) I posted once a day and recognized a Black women that is doing amazing things in her classroom and/or community. This mini-campaign helped me to practice both creativity and consistency when it comes to posting. Check out my blog, Black Women Educators Teach to Transgress, to learn more about this experience. I also want to say thank you, again, to you all that tagged Black women educators under my posts to share a token of appreciation phenomenal educators in your lives.

What muscles did I exercise this month?

In March, my research team was asked to partner with CS4All, the New York division to engage Black youth and their educators in a virtual lesson at the intersection of computer science, computational thinking and barbershop culture. Using our website, we introduced a barbering app that connects coding and design show how barbers are computational thinkers and with hopes to broaden how Black youth can see themselves in computer science.

This partnership was an amazing opportunity to both be in a "classroom" with adolescents and educators again - two things I really miss right now. It was also a great chance to learn about CS4All, as an organization that supports Black youth and their learning experiences.

Because I foresee myself working in community and/or industry arenas once I receive my PhD, its important that I exercise muscles in scouting and networking with members of organizations and companies that align with my desire to design meaningful learning opportunities for Black youth and educators.

What were some exciting things that happened this month?

Well, March 24th marked the new astrological new year and since then, I have felt a new surge of energy! Prior to it, I was going to bed before 10 every night but since then I'm up typing and creating well into the morning hours. I needed the energy boost!

I also went wedding venue shopping with one of my best friends.

It was a totally new experience! We didn't find a venue that day but it was soul-filling to spend the day with her parents and reminisce about high school and our shenanigans through the years.

Sometimes it's hard to even believe I am 27 life is low-key forcing me to grow up and take on new responsibilities. Yall, time flies.

So yeah, March was a good month for building stamina.

A period of refocusing, building consistency through repetition and reenergizing myself. I'm ready to play as we entry into a new quarter of the year and for me a new season of life.

I am very excited about the work I've done in the first quarter of the year and how that is laying the groundwork for the second quarter of 2021! I can't wait to see what this second quarter has in store for us.

As always, I wanted to leave you with some reflection questions for your own journaling.

What did I take a break from this month?

What did I practice (a focus on repetition) this month?

What did I exercise (a focus on skill development) this month?

What was I excited about this month?

Is there anything I should change my perspective about going into the next month? Why or why not?

In Her Lane,


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