• Briana Green

I set out to teach class.. but today I told a story.

I told my students I was anxious.

I told them how I was learning to give grace.

I told them I make mistakes.

I told them I am from the south.

I told them “ain’t no” “we ain’t” and “y’all got” on unfiltered occasions.

I told them context and culture shape us.

I told them we are a product of our influences.

I told them to be storytellers with me.

And when my voice quieted..

I heard reflection.

I heard colorblindness corrected

I heard questions worth answering.

I heard silence worth responding to.

I heard virtual strangers connect about a

unnamed cafe on a street in New York.

I heard laughter.

I heard groups from Michigan.

I heard confusion.

I heard groups of connection.

I heard learning.

When it was my turn to share again

I told them how the brain makes shortcuts to make sense of our world.

I told them how it likes to forget.

I told them how it looks to compromise.

I told them how it likes to ignore.

I told them how it likes reduce complexities.

I told them a story about each of our lives and learning processes being different.

I told them a story about a woman.

Black. Beautiful.

I told them her name is Breonna.

I told them her story influences mine.

I told them her story is barely different than mine.

I told them to imagine be an educator today, during:

A viral pandemic

A racial pandemic

An election

In a new environment

With students who’s skin is closer to blue than black.

Today, I told about stories about culture, context and cognitive bias today.

The content taught itself.

*Inspired after facilitating my first synchronous Zoom session of the semester, today.

** Alexis Franklin drew this portrait of Breonna Taylor forOprah magazine. Courtesy ofOprah magazine.

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