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There Is No One Way to Vision Board! - Resources for Creating Your Next Vision Board

Okay, let’s kill the noise now: there is no one way to vision board. This is coming from someone who loves to vision board. Since 2014 my friends and I have made it an annual tradition to create vision boards together and when I reflect, no two boards have ever been the same. Whether it's changes in the different aspects of my life we focus on, or the layout of each collage, no two boards have ever been the same in what is included or it’s style. Gosh, I wish I had pictures of our boards.

Each year, sometime in January, my friends and I would gather with food and music and spend hours cutting images and headlines, trading magazines between each other, and stealing each other’s leftover magazine clippings. Some people would finish their boards, others wouldn’t but it was always a good time!

Thinking back we didn’t have any particular strategy for creating our vision boards. We would browse the magazines for inspiration related to our careers after college, the ways we wanted to feel as young women, the type of clothes and experiences our refund checks would afford us and paste the images however we saw fit. Even when I created this vision board back in September, there wasn’t a set plan going into the process.

If I recall correctly, I spent about three days flipping through magazines, snipping images, headlines and quotes. I was inspired by quotes like “I'm going to dive in and do it. No risk, no reward.” which reflected a personal goal to dream bigger and be confident. I was drawn to colorful clothing and colorful plates of healthy food because I knew I wanted to make some lifestyle changes. I swooned over images that I could relate to my love story because.. duh!

As I played around with the layout of the board, it became apparent I was arranging the images by the different aspects of my life with a little color coordination thrown in there. For example, you’ll find health and fitness images on the left, images related to style on the bottom, motivational quotes or images towards the middle and relationship goals in the bottom right corner.

Now, as I said at the beginning of this post, there is no one way to vision board. How you decide to choose images, lay them out and paste them onto your paper or digital board is all your decision.

With a new year quickly approaching, and lots of chatter about vision boards all throughout social media, I wanted to create two resources for vision boarding with you: a Vision Board Checklist and a 6-Step Guide for Creating Your Vision Board!

In reflecting on how I created the vision boards in the past (and doing a little research), I have created a Vision Board Checklist that outlines: a) what you should include in your vision, b) what type of boards you can choose and the supplies needed and c) where you should put your vision board to be inspired daily as well as a 6-Step Guide for Creating your Vision Board that walks you step-by-step through the creation process!

To get started with planning or creating your vision board, download the Vision Boarding Checklist and 6 Step Guide to Creating a Vision Board on my site today!

Vision Board in 6 Steps Printable Worksh
Download • 100KB

If you decide to create a vision board, tag me on IG or Twitter, I’d love to see it! I hope these resources are helpful and more importantly, I hope to learn and see how you are living out your 2021 vision.

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