What did I learn today?

Motivation Statement

My mission is to promote learning as a science, art, and life-long process.


My passion lies in (re)membering and (re)imagining life experiences and lessons as tools for soulful learning. 

I aim to share learning strategies and tips as a way to encourage transformative learning.

This website is one of the many ways that I seek to carry out this mission.

I hope that by sharing my experiences and knowledge related to graduate school, education research, and.. adulting, I can inspire others to embrace being an active learners in life. 

Views from an Black Women in Learning Science

My blog serves as a place to share my learning experiences as a Black woman in graduate school and in life. I hope sharing my knowledge and advice brings new and different perspectives on how we are learning and what it means to be active learners. 


What Do I Study?

My research interests include Black students' motivation and positive youth development.


I am passionate about community engaged scholarship related to designing culturally relevant STEM learning experiences for Black youth, given that STEM environments rarely center their cultural values and heritage knowledge.  


I enjoy working with Black educators and community experts to learn their ways of instructing and to center Black youth's needs, interests and future aspirations.